"Photography stops time and gives eternity at an instant"

andrea cometa

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Custom shootings

Do you want to capture and stop in time the memory of a special moment?

Have you always dreamed of being a model and you want to have photos that catch the attention of the viewer?

Do you need photos to improve your image and image of your business, your work and your products to present yourself to your customers and collaborators?

Do you want to have glamorous and glossy photos and portraits like those of magazines and newspapers, that represent you well, for your social, and not only?

Do you want to improve the quality of your photos, your content and your social web and print communication?

entrusted to those who made photography his life.

You choose the ways and options, you will have a complete customization, depending on your needs, of my services dedicated to your full satisfaction and tranquility!

"My passion is your guarantee! "

Here's what I can do for you...

Tailored photo shoots

Photographic portraits. Custom Shootings.
Skey photoservices for your needs,
studio or outdoor personal or business


Photobooks and composite

Fashion photo shoots - commercial
and creating catalogs and prints

Shooting and photo shoots for your company, store or for your items and products. Create and create digital and/or printed catalogs.


and fashion

Personalized photo shoots, beauty and fashion portraits, individual or business.
Creating catalogs and photobooks.


still life
e com

fragola commerciale
uva nelle mani

Commercial and still life services and photos, of companies and products, customized, for multimedia or print advertising campaigns. Realization of catalogs and graphics.

fotografia still life


concept ual landscape

Conceptual Photography, Landscape, Naturalistic, Srteet, Architectural, Ect.

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