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About me

Andrea Cometa photographer.
After working as a computer scientist and web designer for many years, a few years ago I decided to turn one of my greatest passions, into my main work. So I started to dedicate my life to photography as a real mission.
Photographing, for me, means capturing the essence of people and things by transmitting it through the image and it also means emotion: that emotion that I feel at every shot and that I continually try to convey to the viewer to every photo and work. I was an author and contributor to blogs that allowed me to have a lot of experience and expand my knowledge in the field of communication.
For years I have traveled and lived in various parts of the world, in countries such as Spain, France, Dominican Republic, Peru, in the latter I also published a collection of poems with the title “Profondo Oceano” (Writing is another passion of mine).
My main source of inspiration in photography is nature in all its nuances and aspects: from the tremendous dramatic power of storms to complete silence and to the peace of the desert or mountain meadows. History, art, our roots, humanity, anthropology and the soul of the “man” in all its aspects, these are also great sources of inspiration for my work.
In addition to Italian, I speak Spanish perfectly and I also know English, French and Portuguese.
I currently live in Italy in Campania (Avellino province).

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