Andrea Cometa alias “Profondoceano” professional freelance photographer .
A dreamer who loves travels, adventure, nature, starry skyes but above all the sea… Deep, intense, boundless…
I am Italian and I live in Campania, Italy.
My main source of inspiration is nature in all its nuances, from the tremendous dramatic power of the storms to the complete silence and peace of the desert or a mountain meadow.
In addition to Italian, I speak Spanish perfectly, and I also know English, French and Portuguese.
I have traveled a lot and lived in different countries around the world.
I love also to write, especially poems:
In Peru i published a collection of my poems titled “Oceano Profondo” that I’m thinking of republishing online too to make it available to anyone who appreciated my thoughts.
I hope you can all appreciate my humble work and, above all, to be able to convey that very strong emotion I feel every time I take a picture and all the love I feel for my great passion of my life!
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